Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Review on INJINJI toe socks

"INJINJI socks - no more tube socks. PERIOD."

This is the 2nd time I put on a toe socks. The first time was a cheapalak one that was purchased at one of those shops at the mall. The experience wasnt good as I have difficulties putting it on especially aligning all my toes to the toe pockets of the socks. Eventually I gave up wearing it as I found it too cumbersome and time consuming. Wasting a lot of time just to wear a pair of toe socks.

Then lately I stumbled on INJINJI and I decided to bring the toe shocks into Malaysia. Before recommending and selling it to my customers, I myself have to try it our first to get a first hand experience. There are two version of the toe socks namely MICRO cut (ankle level) and MINI-CREW cut (above the ankle). I chooses the micro cut as I personally are more fond of wearing socks that are just a cut at or below my ankle.

To my surprise when I put the socks on, it was extremely easy. All I need is to align my toes correctly into the toe pockets and slip the socks onto my feet. Pull up the socks, make some minor adjustment and wah lah I have a pair of comfy socks wrapping my beloved feet. The feeling is like wearing a pair of glove versus wearing a pair of mittens. Walking around with it gave me the feeling that all my toes can move freely and not wrapped tightly as compare to a pair of tube socks.

Then I am off to my track workout for some speedwork. Throughout the workout, INJINJI wrapped around my feet comfortably. As this was a speed session, I dont feel any heat generated from the socks at all. Hence it reduces any form of friction that eventually can lead to blisters. The toe pockets actually played a very important role by shielding each single toe from rubbing against each other (eliminating skin contact) to prevent chafing that can lead to blisters (a very common problem with lots of runners). The socks also feels very light and gave me the feeling of running sockless. I will give INJINJI another test in a longer run like 20k and I believe it will pass with flying colors.

After my workout session, I believe INJINJI is the sock that I will using in all my future races.
NO MORE tube socks, PERIOD !!!!!

As I mentioned earlier, putting on and wearing INJINJI is not very difficult and is not time consuming, so triathletes you dont lose valuable time during your discipline transition if you uses INJINJI.


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