Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ZENSAH Seamless Running Bra

Zensah has developed the most comfortable running bra in the world. The innovative running bra is made with Zensah Fabric which is thermal regulating. This allows you to never feel too hot or too cold.

Get the Zensah Sports Bra today and revolutionize your exercise.

- No Chafing

- Anti Bacterial

- Super Comfort

- Thermal Regulating

For details and color choices, click here

Price: RM160.00

Review 1 - Click here

Review 2 - Click here


Chic Runner said...

I also recently reviewed the running bra too!

bill said...

Might also want to check out Breeze Comfort padded bras and sports bras for selection of patented breathable padded bras and sports bras.

C-CUBE said...

Chic Runner, Yes I saw ur review too and attached it in the post as well. Hope you dont mind. But I must said you have done a very detail review on that.