Friday, March 26, 2010

NEWTON Women Universal Racer

Retail Price: RM545
Promotion Price: Call for promotion price

Specially designed for Women runners and in support of Breast Cancer Awareness

Newton has developed this running shoe for the most demanding athletes. Engineered for speed and performance, this ultimate long-distance racer helped Natascha Badmann set a world record in the Ironman 70.3 in 2007 and helped Craig Alexander win the Ironman World Championships in 2008! The Newton Uniuversal Racer offers greater flexibility in the mid-foot region and its forefoot flex groove allows the feet to work naturally as if barefoot with maximum protection against ground forces. It’s been updated this year to include Newton's unique universal posting, which includes posting along the medial and lateral sides of the midsole to accommodate all types of running gaits.

With a low-to-the ground construction and Action/Reaction Technology™ in the forefoot, this eye-catching, lightweight racer gets you to the finish line with less impact and more speed. Independent studies prove this technology, in conjunction with the LAND-LEVER-LIFT

running technique, provides less stress on a runner’s joints, muscles and tendons.

  • Protective enough to run fast paced long training runs and reliable enough to run 5K to marathon races
  • Superior forefoot cushioning and propulsion
  • Less impact = less fatigue and less muscle damage to go farther and faster


    • Highly breathable, fast-drying, open air mesh
    • Minimal anatomical forefoot support strapping
    • Biolateral stretch panels for comfort and fit


    • High rebound light-weight midsole offers firm cushioning
    • Biomechanical forefoot plate and flex grooves to increase communication between foot and the ground
    • Universal Posting braces both the medial and lateral sidewalls and the midfoot of the shoe helping to guide the foot down the center of the shoe. Regardless of whether you overpronate or supinate, this design results in a neutral, powerful propulsive lift-off.


    • Lightweight, low-profile blown rubber heel
    • Forefoot Action/Reaction Technology


    • 100% recycled laces, webbing, insole top cover
    • 100% recycled box, packaging
    • 10% recycled outersole rubber
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