Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TackOnz - The Adhesive Race Bib Button

The colorful TackOnz Adhesive Race Bib button to spice up your race.

Say GOODBYE to the safety pins that holds your race bib, and also no more rusty stain on your beloved technical running apparels.  Safety pins damages your T or vest, difficult to align and put on, and leave rusty stains after your run.  

With TackOnz, the above problem will be solved.  It will leave a small mark after used and will go away after washing. Switch to TackOnz to hold your race bib in your next race.

 Multiple color to choose from.  Each pack contain 6 buttons.

Retail Price: RM30.00
Contact:  Choi at 0193289083 of cchoi_2020@yahoo.com

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azril malek said...

Bos, still available?