Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CW-X Unisex Compression Support Socks

Unisex Compression Support Socks - Black

Any athlete can benefit from the added support and accelerated recovery benefits of CW-X’s Compression Support Socks. The patented built-in CW-X Support Web™ uses kinesio-taping technology to create an exoskeletal support system, providing targeted support to the calf and arch of the foot, and stabilizing the ankle joint for reduced fatigue. Torex® four-way stretch fabric provides variable compression to increase circulation in the feet and lower legs and reduce lactic acid buildup. You can recover faster after exercise and your legs and feet will feel fresher the next day.

CW-X Socks Size Chart (US)

Size S M L XL
Men's Shoe Size N/A 6-8.5 9-11.5 12-15
Women's Shoe Size 4-6.5 7-9.5 10-12.5 N/A

Price: RM160.00
Contact: Choi at 0193289083 or

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