Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Compressport Trail Running Shorts (with compression)

Introducing the Compression Trail Running Shorts (UNISEX) from Compressport

New Compression Trail Running Shorts - Developed, Tested and Validated by Pro Athletes at some of the World’s Most Demanding Events, including the UTMB and Everest Trail Race. After a year of being developed and tested the Compressport Trail Running Shorts are now available in Malaysia.

The packaging:

The Shorts have been designed for Maximum Comfort and performance and will benefit both Amateur and Professional Runners.

Compressport’s exclusive fibres are woven on medical compression machines allowing for millimeter-precision in targeted areas. The seamless weave increases durability and ensures precise targeted Compression. Fibres are lightweight, water repellent and proivde improved air circultion.

Unique Benefits on this short include New Reflective Logos for Night & Low Light Running; 3D Grip which is imprinted to support the lower back & to help maintain a straight posture;  Silicone Grips on thighs to reduce slipping during Power Climing and a Comfortable Ergofit for the crotch ensuring much appreciated freedom of movement.

The seamless Compressport fibre is exclusively woven on medical compression machines allowing for millimetre-precision compression graduation, targeted around the thighs. This enables the stimulation of blood flow and oxygenation, evacuation of toxins, good knee alignment, shock absorption and the reduction of muscle vibration thus delaying muscle fatigue.
On the Thighs, Buttocks & Hips, the compression differs according to the muscle areas to be compressed as required. Measured in (hPA), this technology is used in medical compression. To date, no one but COMPRESSPORT offers such benefits in Running Shorts.

A second-to-none combination of high-performance, compression and weight, the technology used by Compressport makes this short the lightest true compression triathlon short ever made (0.99 grams/cm2).

The Compressport Fibre offers second-to-none comfort, massaging effect which increases the feeling of well being, strength and lightness during effort & recovery. It also boasts other properties: thermoregulation, UV resistance, heat reflection, water repellent so it does not get loaded with water and quick evacuation of perspiration.
The seamless weave is the only weave guranteeing a true, precise targeted compression to the nearest millimetre. The seamless construction also ensures a much more durable product.

The Trail Running Short is assembled with the latest generation flat-lock seams. Solid and discreet, they avoid chafing.

The silicone printing on the quads area was specifically developed to provide maximum grip for your hands while power climbing up trails, hills & steep slopes.

This clever opening doubles up as a pocket for gels, energy bars and even your smart phone! The convenient ergonomic design is great for running, avoiding unnecessary movement when reaching for your nutrition.

Maximum support of the abdominal muscles while providing great comfort by absorbing shocks in the lower back fatigue areas.

The 9cm high belt and its inside silicon print is designed to support the lower back and to make sure you maintain a straight posture.

The reflective logos enable you to train at night and in low light areas making you visible to dangers of other runners & traffic

The water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it keeping you dry and fresh.

The fabric’s unique weave enhances air circulation, enabling a perfect balance between the inside and outside of the shorts, so body temperature remains stable with no sudden surges or drops. Genuine protection in winter against the cold and in summer against the heat - it will become your second skin.

100% hygienic, the SANITIZED® treatment helps prevent the growth of bacteria and naturally fights odours.

Size Chart:

Price:  RM515.00
Contact:  Choi at 0193289083 or cchoi_2020@yahoo.com


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