Friday, March 11, 2011

Are Compression Suits Worth It?

According to studies, compression clothing offers real benefits, like improving muscle recovery after workouts or helping you to run faster. Still, it pays to suit up only where you’ll need it – for example, wearing a compression top won’t benefit your running as much as compression pants.

Here's when to wear compression clothing and the benefits it gives.

Prevent Soreness
Athletes who did sprints and plyometrics in a lower body compression garment reported 43 per cent less soreness after 24 hours than their unrestricted counterparts did.

Save Your Muscles
Athletes who wore a full body compression suit for 24 hours after high-intensity exercise had up to 20 per cent lower levels of muscle damage.

Run Faster
Runners who wore knee high compression stockings ran as much as 6.1 per cent faster on a treadmill than those who wore regular running socks.

Gain Accuracy
The elasticity of a long sleeved compression top gives you more control as you extend your arms. This may help in your throwing.

Conserve Energy

Athletes in compression pants covered up to 34 per cent more distance at faster speeds in circuit training. The pants help conserve energy.

Source: Men's Health Singapore

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