Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mueller Athletic Performance Tape

In sport, safety always comes first. As sport profession is a life time career or an amateur , athletics will try their best to prevent injury or physical damages. Therefore, many safety items were produced to fulfill this demand. Sport tape is considered the basic one for resistance and treatment. There are some debates on the usage and function of tradition athletic tape. However, the applying of this product is still enhanced over the past decades. The quality of an athletic tape is important for any sport players nowadays. Hence, producers keep improving on the material, size and even design.

Effectiveness of Taping for Injury Prevention

With this I would like to introduce Mueller Athletic Performance M Tape for athletes who would like to prevent any form of injury, enhanced their performance or even speed up the recovery of an injury. 

100% cotton backcloth, zinc oxide athletic trainers tape.  White, bleached MTAPE® features high tensile strength with excellent tackiness and conformability.  Easy handling, easy unwind to the core.

Just tape the area that is most vulnerable during a race or an injured area that you got during your race or training.  Taping methods for different areas can be view from YouTube.  Just do a search for the relevant piece of video.

Mulligan Taping techniques

Price: RM15.00 per roll (3.81cm x 13.72m)


WSL said...

hi..do you hv stocks for this?
I used to get it from my doctor who unfortunately is relocating to overseas.

Julian Robb said...

It's a privilege to know this mueller tape, it's not familiar to me. I honestly liked it, very encouraging to have this for first aid also. Thanks for the video.

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Amy Cooper said...

Wow is just the simple word that may explain that how much I liked it. It was nicely stuffed with the material I was looking for. It’s great to be here though by chance.
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Apu Mridha said...

Really enjoyed reading your post. It’s amazing ! Thank you for sharing with us :)



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